Strategy and objectives

The three key pillars of our business strategy are our leading market positions, customer-focused operating structure and focus on performance.

Mpact intends to:

  • Develop and selectively grow our leading market positions in rigid plastic packaging, paper-based packaging and packaging paper in sub-Saharan Africa, where we are able to extract value through business, operational and management expertise as well as from product application, design and market knowledge.
  • Further develop our manufacturing and service footprint to deliver superior solutions to our customers underpinned by:
    • a decentralised structure reflecting management depth and experience at all levels;
    • an innovative customer-focused product offering; and
    • leading market positions that enable us to achieve sustainable cost-effectiveness through economies of scale.
  • Focus on performance through business excellence programmes and sound asset management enabling us to:
    • provide our customers with quality products and services;
    • retain a motivated and skilled workforce; and
    • deliver good returns to our shareholders.

As part of our overall optimisation strategy, we have established business excellence programmes aimed at reducing costs and improving profitability. These programmes specifically focus on operational performance and prudent asset management and target continuous improvements in productivity, efficiency and reliability of operations, cost reduction programmes and profit improvement initiatives.

We are committed to sustainable development in each of our businesses – by adopting leading industry health and safety standards, obtaining raw materials from various sources and ensuring our businesses constantly seek to reduce their environmental impact.