About us

Mpact is the largest paper and plastics packaging and recycling business in southern Africa, employing 5,156 people (2021: 5,115 people), and generating revenue of R12.4bn in the 2022 financial year.

Our integrated business model is uniquely focused on closing the loop in plastic and paper packaging through recycling and beneficiation of recyclables. Our close relationships with our customers, deep understanding of their industries and commitment to innovation help us create structural and graphic solutions, and value-added services that anticipate customers’ needs.

Mpact also continues to be South Africa’s largest collector of recyclable packaging, collecting over 700,000 tonnes of paper and plastic recyclables from pre- and post-consumer sources (2021: over 620,000 tonnes). By closing the loop on paper and plastic, we reduce the amount of material going to landfill, promote local beneficiation of raw materials and support the development of more than 50 small businesses.

Mpact’s footprint in the three Southern African countries and proximity to its customers contribute to faster response times and reduced transport costs.

Mpact's footprint
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