Mpact honored with six awards at the annual IPSA Gold Pack Awards 2020

Gold pack awards

Mpact received six awards and three Covid-19 Special Awards for design excellence at the annual IPSA Gold Pack Awards in October 2020.

Gold pack awards

The IPSA Gold Pack Awards honour excellence and innovation across the packaging industry, benchmarking the local industry and helping it keep pace with global technological developments. They recognise outstanding design, including construction, graphics, convenience, product protection and ecological impact.

Mpact Paper Converting received two Silver awards and one Bronze award while Mpact Plastics received one Silver, one Bronze and two Covid-19 Judges Special Awards Detpak took one Bronze award and one Covid-19 Special Award.

Here's our winners:


Costco Dried Fruit Export Display (Corrugated)
Costco Dried Fruit Export Display

Silver Award: Transit and Secondary Packaging Category

Lactalis Collection Bin (Corrugated)
Lactalis Collection Bin

Silver Award: Best in Paper Packaging – Paper Substrate Category

Vital Vitamin Container & Closure (Plastics)
Vital Vitamin Container & Closure

Silver Award: Health, Beauty, Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Category



Fitch & Leedes Pursue Excellence Display Carton (Corrugated)
Fitch and Leedes

Bronze Award: Transit & Secondary Packaging Category

Clere Body Lotion (Plastics)
Clere Body Lotion

Bronze Award: Health, Beauty, Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Category

Southern Fruit Grape Bag (Detpak)
Southern Fruit Grape Bag

Bronze Award: Food Packaging Category


Award: Design for Circularity Category

Mpact Versapak's thermoformed punnet is South Africa's first food-approved punnet to be formulated completely from 100% post-consumer recycled PET (rPET)

Grape Punnets
Grape Punnets


Hand Sanitiser Pack

Covid-19 Judges special award - Hand Sanitiser Pack (Plastics)

Detpak Closure Bag

Covid-19 Judges special award - Detpak Closure Bag (Detpak)

Face Shield

Covid-19 Judges special award - Mpact Versapak Face Shield (Plastics)