Audit and risk committee

The committee acts for Mpact and all its subsidiaries, and is an independent body accountable to the Board. It operates within a documented charter and complies with all relevant legislation, regulation and governance codes and executes its duties in terms of the requirements of King IV.

The committee comprises of four Non-executive Directors, all of whom are independent. Tim Ross is the Chairman, Neo Dongwana, Sibusiso Luthuli and Donald Wilson are members. Donald Wilson was appointed as a director and member of the Audit and Risk committee on 27 January 2022, following the resignation of Andrew Thompson on 30 November 2021. The Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Head of Information and Communication Technology, the Group Risk and Sustainability Manager, a representative of KPMG, the independent Internal Auditor, and a representative of Deloitte & Touche, the independent External Auditor, and other senior managers all attend meetings by invitation.

Audit and Risk Committee (PDF - 95KB)