Code of Ethics

Company Codes of Ethics are often criticised for being just a paper exercise. It has been suggested that these documents are empty gestures, just words on paper that do not inform or influence business strategy or business practice.

Mpact Limited's Code of Ethics is also a paper document. But as in our business – we transform paper into something of value, into something that can once again make an impact – the same is true of this Code. Within this document we have packaged our moral impulses, our ethical values and our behavioural standards. Together they define Mpact in a sincere and straight-forward way.

Of course we realise that companies, like people, sometimes fail to live up to their own standards. The possibility of moral failure (of not living up to the ideals we hold dear) is what makes a code of ethics necessary. That is why we as the leaders of Mpact not only endorse this Code, but vow to apply it in our decisions and our actions, in mapping our strategy, and in managing our operations. We also commit ourselves to transforming this Code into a living document by constantly reflecting on its implications, by communicating it, enforcing it, and monitoring its effectiveness.

However, we cannot achieve this alone; we need the assistance of all our employees. We therefore ask everyone who works at Mpact to look after our ethics within their sphere of influence.

This means knowing our standards and abiding by them. It means consulting with your colleagues and your managers when you don't know how to deal with an ethical matter. As with safety, it means speaking up when you become aware of risks – habits, situations or events that could cause moral failures. And finally, itmeans having the courage to report fraud, theft, corruption and misconduct when you become aware of it.

We do not limit this request to ourselves. We believe that by abiding by our ethical standards we add value to all who are impacted by our operations. We therefore invite our customer, suppliers, shareholders and the broader community to help in achieving our moral objectives, to help keep us honest.

Mpact Code of Ethics (PDF - 427KB)

Mpact Code of Ethics Quick Reference (PDF - 176KB)