Executive committee

Role and function of the Exco

The Exco meets six times a year and is responsible for the Group’s operational activities, developing strategy and policy proposals for consideration by the Board, and implementing the Board’s directives. The committee has a properly constituted mandate and terms of reference.

Other responsibilities include:

  • leading the executive, management and staff of the Group;
  • developing the annual budget and business plans for approval by the Board;
  • developing, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures, internal controls, governance, risk management, ethics and authority levels;
  • monitoring and enforcing good corporate governance practices and the application of the Code of Ethics, as defined and adopted by the Board;
  • guiding and controlling the overall direction and control of Mpact, and acts as a medium of communication between business units, subsidiaries and the Board;
  • ensuring appropriate co-ordination between Mpact, its subsidiaries and the various business units; and
  • ensuring the adequacy of the Group’s reporting arrangements.
  • The Exco has specific key performance areas and targets which are set in line with the approved strategy and monitored by the Board with the assistance of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee.