Risk management

Effective risk management is integral to the Group's objective of consistently adding value to the business. Management is continuously developing and enhancing the Group's risk and control procedures to improve the mechanisms for identifying, assessing and monitoring risks. The Board approves strategies and budgets and monitors progress against the budget. It also considers the identified business risks.

Risk management is addressed in the areas of physical and operational risks, human resource risks, technology risks, business continuity and disaster recovery risks, credit and market risks and compliance risks.

The Group has policies and procedures in place to manage its governance, operations and information systems with regard to the:

  • reliability, security and integrity of financial and operational information;
  • effectiveness and efficiency of operations;
  • safeguarding of people and assets;
  • reducing of our environmental footprint; and
  • compliance with laws, regulations and contracts

Risks are periodically reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Risk management review (PDF - 138KB)