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Mpact says headline earnings to rise

Engineering News Paper and plastic packaging group Mpact said on Friday its basic and headline earnings a share for the six months to the end of June were expected to increase by more than 20%.

08 June 2012
Pressure on paper business margins remain: Mpact

Business Live Packaging company Mpact expects margins in the paper business to remain under pressure as lower international paper prices and the threat of import substitution limits the group's ability to fully recover cost increases, especially energy, transport and labour.

16 April 2012
Mpact Share Buyback Scheme with CEO Bruce Strong

CNBCAfrica Packaging group Mpact is looking to buy out smaller odd-lot shareholders. The group says it will make an offer to shareholders holding anything from 100 to 500 shares.

28 March 2012
Newly listed Mpact reports solid performance

Business Live Against the backdrop of challenging trading conditions, paper and plastic packaging group Mpact reported a robust increase in underlying earnings per share of 102.9 cents for the year to end December from 24.3 cents in 2010.

08 March 2012
Mpact profits increase

Business Report Packaging group Mpact, formerly Mondi Packaging SA, which listed on the JSE in July after being stripped out of paper group Mondi, on Thursday reported basic earnings per ordinary share for the year ended December 31 2011 of 54.9 cents while underlying earnings per ordinary share were 102.9 cents.

08 March 2012