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Mpact Plastics Pinetown goes greener

09 October 2017

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Mpact Plastics Pinetown has turned their focus to paper recycling for the good of the communities in which they operate.  Whilst another plastics plants has placed their paper recycling bank at the manufacturing facility in September, South Africa’s annual Clean-up and Recycling month, the Mpact Pinetown plant has now followed in their footsteps and are highlighting the need for everyone to protect the environment and recycle their waste.

Mpact Plastics Pinetown plant received their Mpact recycling paper bank early in October and launched an initiative to encourage their staff to participate by not only understanding the benefits of recycling but by also depositing their home and office recyclable waste into this bin and thereby reduce waste to landfill.  Mpact Plastics Pinetown is now also contributing to CHOC house as all monetary proceeds generated by this bin is allocated to this worthy cause.  Besides for this direct donation by Mpact Plastics Pinetown, this divisional collaboration is also promoting the creation of employment by supporting the owner-driver that collects the paper bank.

Mpact Plastics [photos]

Rosanne Griffin, KZN marketing executive for Mpact Recycling Maydon Warf branch, visited the Mpact Plastics Pinetown plant together with the iconic Ronnie Recycler to educate the employees on the various paper grades that can be recycled.  Paper grades include flattened cardboard boxes,  rolled cores, lined and unlined liquid packaging boxes, egg cartons and all paper products such as envelopes, newspaper and office paper.

All paper banks are sealed units to promote the cleanliness and neatness of the site they are placed on.  Once collected, the content is sorted, baled and transported to the Mpact Paper Mills.  New products are then be manufactured using the recycled fibre.

Congratulations to the Mpact Plastics Pinetown team for promoting this initiative and positively contributing to a number of good causes in the process!

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