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Mpact Versapak: partnering via the Polystyrene Association with a new polystyrene-concrete lightweight brick factory

The industry, under the guidance of The Polystyrene Association (which is now part of Polyco) has recently rolled out the red carpet for Khaya Khanya, a brand-new factory producing lightweight polystyrene-concrete bricks.  Mpact Versapak is proud to be a part of this project that is striving towards creating a circular economy. 

09 November 2021
Mpact Plastics ropes in two SAPRO awards

We are proud to have been presented with gold and silver awards at the SAPRO awards ceremony held online, on 14 October 2021.

15 October 2021
Your next steps in the EPR journey

Follow our three-step plan to help you progress on your journey to comply with EPR regulations

12 October 2021
The future of Polystyrene with Mpact

We want you to think positively about polystyrene: Understand its strengths, benefits, facts, truths, alternatives and the wonderful opportunities that exists.

27 August 2021
The seven sins of Greenwashing

Embezzling truths about sustainability may take care of the present but it will not take care of our joint future By raising awareness, we can hold each other accountable to make truly beneficial decisions around packaging and environmental matters.  Here are seven greenwashing sins that we all, as value chain members, need to be mindful of.

10 August 2021
What is Greenwashing?

With the recent implementation of the amended Regulations pertaining to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), under the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008, industry jargon is splashed all over the media.

14 June 2021
SAVA’S newly launched VINYL-DOT

Your assurance of safe, responsible and sustainable PVC products

28 May 2021
Mpact expands face shield range - adults, kids and hardhat shields

The safety of our communities are a top priority for us at Mpact.

28 May 2021
Are you responsible for plastic packaging?

Bear with us as we take the opportunity to say it as it is:  You should be part of the plastic packaging solution.  The ‘how’ may be a bit more complex and depends on who you are and where you fit into the value chain, of course. 

03 May 2021
Should plastics be banned?

You may think our answer is obvious and potentially in contrast to those who believe that plastics is nothing but a pollutant.

06 April 2021
Ultrazorb Polystyrene meat trays: now also in PET and rPET

We’ve bid farewell to the bloody soaker pad through the development of our outrageously successful polystyrene Ultrazorb® range, but our innovation continues in the interest of recyclability and consumer convenience.

18 March 2021
We’re mastering circularity – beyond the beverage industry!

Mpact Versapak receives the prestigious PETCO award for launching a 100% post-consumer recycled PET food punnet that extends the rPET focus to thermoformed products!

01 March 2021