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Bringing international technology home

We are at the forefront of creating a circular economy with yet another world-class innovative product, in response to the EPR targets and you’re invited to join our journey.

22 November 2022
Mpact continues to develop products worthy of industry mention

Creating noteworthy products that comply to ‘design for recycling’ principles and contribute positively to the environment whilst driving brand perception and meeting customer expectations, is at the core of Mpact’s packaging development process. For this reason, the annual Gold Pack finalist and award announcement is a highlight on the Mpact calendar.

22 September 2022
Plastic packaging: keeping it clean

With hygiene in the spotlight, why is plastic packaging the preferred medium within the retail and home environments?

05 July 2022
Let there be a universal recycling language

Greenwashing is the act of misleading consumers regarding environmental practices or benefits pertaining to a packaging item or a company’s, product or service.

13 June 2022
What is ‘customised generic packaging’?

When it comes to packaging design, factors such as brand identity and recognition, together with iconic shapes and custom designs, generally tops any reputable brand manager’s list.

22 February 2022
The good side of ‘ugly’

As a supporter of the circular economy, Mpact Plastics and Mpact Versapak has been driving the use of recycled material for many years and continues to welcome the use of recycled content in the products that we produce for our customers.   To encourage the use of Recyclate, let’s eliminate some misperceptions and ensure that even less waste goes to South Africa’s landfill sites!

24 January 2022