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Cardboard makes fresh produce taste better, last longer

Mpact The wooden “tomato box” that has for decades been a firm packaging favourite of greengrocers, farmers and supermarkets, has been almost entirely replaced by the cardboard box to carry everything from avocados to zucchini from the fields to the shelf.

03 December 2012
South African fruit exporters must get packaging right in the face of many risks beyond their control

Mpact Exchange rate volatility, rising energy, transport and labour costs, unseasonal weather and diseases are just some of the risks beyond the control of South Africa’s fruit exporters, putting a premium on getting packaging right.

08 November 2012
Paper recycling at home will directly reduce impact on landfill sites, increase employment

Mpact “If you’re new to recycling initiatives, then paper is the best place to start,” says John Hunt, managing director of Mpact Recycling.

14 September 2012
Businesses urged to step up paper recycling efforts to help economy, environment

Mpact South African businesses are being urged to step up their paper recycling efforts as part of Recycling Day on Friday, 14th September.

14 September 2012
South African paper recycling recovery rate improving, but more to be done

Mpact The volume of paper recovered for recycling in South Africa has increased by almost a third over the past decade and could be 63% by 2017, according to statistics from the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa.

10 September 2012
Mpact Recycling: working with local government to drive job growth via recycling

Mpact Mpact Recycling is partnering with South African municipalities to increase recycling, creating jobs and reducing the strain on landfill sites.

14 August 2012
New wine range from Van Loveren to use ‘green’ PET bottles produced by Mpact

Mpact Van Loveren’s new wine range, “Tangled Tree”, has recently been launched in a 750ml plastic wine bottle that is eco-friendly, fully recyclable and unbreakable.

06 August 2012
Recycling key to sustainability in South Africa

Mpact The recycling industry plays a vital role in sustainable development in South Africa, particularly with respect to the environment and job creation.

30 July 2012
Mpact launches new packaging solution for meat and poultry retail

Mpact The food industry can look forward to a healthier, more efficient way in which raw meat and poultry is packaged.

12 July 2012
Paper and packaging is vital to SA economy

Mpact The paper and packaging industry plays a vital role in stimulating growth in the local manufacturing sector, thereby contributing significantly to the South African economy as a whole. The industry is a key driver of employment, sustainability and food security.

25 June 2012
PET wine bottles from Mpact, quality that’s economical and environmental

Mpact In 2010 the Wine and Spirit Board of South Africa approved the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for the ‘South African Wine of Origin’ certificate.

24 May 2012
Mpact appoints new Chief Financial Officer

Mpact Mpact is pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Clark as Chief Financial Officer Designate and Executive Director for the recently listed paper and plastics packaging group, effective 1 June 2012.

11 May 2012
Mpact appoints new Chief Information Officer

Mpact Mpact is pleased to announce the appointment of Vuyo Menye as Chief Information Officer for the recently listed paper and packaging group, effective 1 March 2012.

21 February 2012