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Ronnie Recycler shows kids how to be green

12 September 2014

Ronnie Recycler is the cartoon-like character that visits schools to help learners understand the benefits of recycling and to encourage them to collect waste paper and cardboard.

Ronnie Recycler has a full schedule of visits from Monday 15 September which is the start of National Clean-up and Recycling Week.

The Ronnie Recycler character was developed by Mpact Recycling which collects more than 450 000 tons of waste paper and board a year. Schools, churches and community organisations are among the biggest collectors of waste paper which is bought and collected from them by Mpact Recycling. All of the material collected is used by paper mills to make new paper and cardboard packaging.

Consumers can use the simple search facility on the Mpact Recycling web site to find the nearest waste paper collection point run by a school, church or other organisation. Visit

Source: MPACT