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Creativity, innovation and sustainability capture industry attention

20 September 2023

Mpact, partners and customers align to create packaging products that subscribe to the circular economy while maintaining superior quality. To this end eight of our products are proud finalists in the 2023 IPSA Gold Pack Awards. 

Mpact’s sustainable packaging designs have secured ten finalist positions in the 2023 Gold Pack Awards. Our Integrated Moulded Handle (IMH) bottles, the in-mould labelled (IML) Octagon range, the unique Crush Grinder, the Single Layer Wine Bottle, the ZZ2 Al Monde Carton range, the Zimflex Succulent modular carton, the 33 Degrees South A15C Outer, the Giraffe Vrugteboerdery Econo Outer, Detpak Paper Lids and the Alva Heater Packaging are our ten contenders in this year’s Gold Pack Awards.

All these products were developed to support the circular economy. In the case of the IMH™ bottle, the PET handle is injection moulded during the preform production process and requires no separation prior to recycling, while the versatile IML Octagon range is made from fully recyclable polypropylene. The crush grinder is manufactured from 100% PET plastic and is fully recyclable without having to separate different polymer types and the Single Layer Wine Bottle is produced from 100% PET plastic which is 100% recyclable. The innovative ZZ2 Al Monde Carton range were designed as a unit, rather than individually, giving the client the option of transporting mixed pallets to markets and allows a combination of products to be packed on a single pallet. Designed with airflow in mind for cross border transportation, the Zimflex Succulent Carton is an agric-style carton which is able to withstand atmospheric and direct moisture. Contemporary rebranding on the 33 Degrees South A15C Outer and the Giraffe Vrugteboerdery Econo Outer was meticulously considered and flexographic printing ink which was selected retains food safety. The Detpak Paper Lid is produced from polylaminated board, which eliminates consumer’s single-use plastic footprint.

And finally, the Alva Heater Package which was formally a lithographic printed outer carton with polystyrene inserts, had been converted to a flexographic print with recycled corrugated inserts.   

Our dedicated teams have invested significant time in research and innovation to design and create products that are aesthetically appealing while reducing environmental impact.

The nominations reaffirm Mpact’s philosophy of creating smarter, sustainable solutions. We thank our customers for sharing our vision of creating products that contribute to our goal of creating a true circular economy. 

The IPSA Gold Pack Awards programme promotes excellence in packaging and is designed to showcase the very best of the packaging industry.

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