We are the leading paper recycler in South Africa.

We are South Africa’s leading collector of recyclable packaging (such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans).

In 2021 we collected over 620,000 tonnes from both pre-and post-consumer sources.

In 2016, Mpact Recycling acquired Remade Recycling to provide waste management solutions to all sectors of retail, commerce and industry.

In October 2022, Mpact Recycling announced that their on-site waste management service offering (previously called Remade On Site) would be branching off into its own business. It would be called Mpact Waste Management and be its own independent brand, part of the Mpact group.

The Recycling head offices are located in Tulisa Park and Germiston with 15 operational branches spread across Gauteng, the North-West Province, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.


We collect paper from printers, publishers and converters – known as pre-consumer sources – as well as from post-consumer sources, which include churches, schools and communities - these fall within the Ronnie Recycler programmes, as well as estates, small businesses and our dealer network. Not only do these initiatives raise recycling awareness and create income opportunities but also push recycling levels to new heights The recovered paper is then sent to Mpact’s three paper mills where it is made into recycled-based carton-board and containerboard. This is then used to manufacture innovative board products, which are sold to the South African packaging industry.

Plastics, Glass, Cans

Our recycling journey starts with the collection and delivery of recyclables through our dealer network buy-back centres and branches located countrywide. The recovered material is sold to other recyclers in South Africa to be made into new products.

Recycling [photo]

Onsite Waste Management

Through Mpact Waste Management, we offer ethical onsite waste management services and solutions to businesses in all sectors of retail, commerce and industry. These customised solutions aim to maximise the extraction of recyclables from the waste stream, reduce waste to landfill and educate the public regarding the landfill crisis in South Africa.

Onsite services include separation at source, hazardous waste solutions, alternative solutions for non-recyclables, office recycling, event waste management, confidential shredding and buying of recyclables.

The recovered material is sold to recyclers, including Mpact’s paper mills, as a raw material input source for the manufacture of recycled products.

By closing the loop on materials like these we reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, promote local beneficiation of raw materials and support the development of small businesses.

It’s part of our mission to develop practical, economically viable and environmentally sustainable solutions that bring us, and the world, closer to a true circular economy.
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