Containers: Jumbo bins, pallets, wheelie bins and crates

Mpact Plastic Containers (MPC), which has operations in Atlantis (Western Cape) and Brits (North West) supplies a wide range of reusable, value-added plastic containers to the agricultural, bottling, environmental, materials handling, and fresh produce retail industries. This includes large injection moulded plastic Jumbo Bins, Wheelie Bins and containers produced from polypropylene and high density polyethylene and recycled material.

Equipment in MPC factories range from 1,000 tons clamping capacity to 5,500 tons. This enables MPC to offer solutions that few other manufacturers in SA are capable of offering. Both Brits and Atlantis plants each host a 5500-ton Engel Duo machine which is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and is primarily used for the manufacture of the Jumbo Bin.

MPC also has extensive recycling capabilities whereby "end of life" products are returned, recycled and used in "new" products. This supports our continuous commitment to the sustainability of our environment.


Jumbo Bins

Jumbo bins [photo]

MPC's Jumbo Bin is a reliable, sustainable and profitable, plastic alternative to the wooden bin traditionally used in the agricultural industry. It is considered by many to be one of the best quality bulk bins in the world, and is available at the lowest possible cost.


Pallets [photo]

MPC Plastic pallets cater for a variety of demanding environments and offer different performance specifications for various applications. The diverse selection includes standardised hygiene pallets as well as our more innovative, nestable designs. These lightweight pallets are robust and offer an efficient alternative to existing wooden products.

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins [photo]

Mpact Plastic Containers supplies 2 and 4 wheeled containers for waste collection at domestic, industrial and commercial sites, recycling receptacles and RFID enabled systems for municipalities and waste collectors.


Crates [photo]

MPC manufactures a variety of crates, trays and related packaging items, designed specifically for the food industry and bottling industries. MPC crates are compatible with European pallet sizes and flow systems. The products in the bottling category include transport crates and have in-mould labelling capability.

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