Management’s approach to sustainability

Mpact’s values and focus on business excellence inform our commitment to the principles of good corporate governance as well as responsible business practices in our approach to environmental impacts, safety and social sustainability. These concepts are integrated into our strategy and approach to doing business, and ensure the long-term sustainability of the organisation. Our slogan – “Smarter, Sustainable Solutions” – recognises the importance of both innovation and sustainable business practices to our ability to create value over the long term.

The Board is responsible for Mpact’s performance as a good and responsible corporate citizen and has delegated the monitoring and oversight of sustainability to the Social and Ethics Committee. Information regarding the role, responsibilities and activities of the Committee during the year is available in the Social and Ethics Committee Report on pages 51 - 55 of the Integrated Report.

The Code of Ethics and the relevant policies and procedures establish the framework within which Mpact manages its business and provides guidance for employees, suppliers and partners to ensure a co-operative, co-ordinated approach. These policies and procedures address issues such as safety, health, environment and energy, transformation, procurement, human resources, financial management and maintenance.

The Group’s approach to sustainability is informed by the feedback from engagements with our key stakeholders, which provides context and insight into our broader impacts on stakeholders, society and the environment. These engagements include engagements around a range of critical sustainability issues including workplace safety, future resource constraints, employment practices, transformation, diversity, the regulatory environment and broader social issues affecting the country. More information on Mpact’s engagements with its stakeholders is available on pages 28 to 30 of this report

Sustainable development in the Group is coordinated by the Group Risk and Sustainability Manager (GRSM), who drives continual improvement across the operations in industrial safety, health and environmental (SHE) standards. Safety and environmental targets are set for the operations in discussion with the Executive Committee and Board, including five-year management plans for energy (including CO2 e emission management), water and waste. The GRSM monitors SHE performance and reports back to the Executive Committee every month and to the SHE Management Committee and the Social and Ethics Committee every quarter.

Mpact uses a dashboard system to monitor and improve the capture of relevant sustainability data and the SHE reporting system is continually enhanced to improve data accuracy, relevance, ease of use and comprehensiveness of reporting. The GRSM conducts annual site visits to the operations to interact with management and SHE officers on site, review SHE performance and plans, and to communicate strategic initiatives in SHE management.

As part of the Group’s optimisation strategy focus on efficient operational performance and asset management, business excellence programmes have been established that include Centres of Excellence for human resources, safety, energy and environmental functions. The Centres of Excellence hold meetings twice yearly to discuss the latest developments in their fields with representatives from the operations to share learnings and ensure operations are aligned.

Five-year management plans are being developed for energy, Scope 1 and 2 CO2 e emissions, and water across the business. However, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) is still developing regulations for Greenhouse Gas Pollution Prevention Plans (GHG PPP) and Carbon Budgets that will affect the finalisation of the fiveyear plans and therefore the targets Mpact can commit to achieving.

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures are in place to guide all significant aspects of the business including corporate vision and values, safety, health, environment and energy, ethics, transformation, procurement, human resources, financial management and maintenance.

These policies set the framework within which Mpact manages its business and, together with its Code of Ethics, provide a blueprint for employees, suppliers and partners to ensure a co-operative, co-ordinated approach. This commitment is outlined in the Vision and Values set out in the 2022 Integrated Report. The Social and Ethics Committee Report of the Integrated Report.

There is also an open channel for those wishing to express their views by emailing Mpact at with comments and suggestions.

Code of Ethics

Mpact’s Code of Ethics defines the Group’s ethical values and behavioural standards. The Group’s leadership team not only endorses the Code, but is also committed to applying it to their decisions and actions in mapping the Group’s strategy and in managing its operations. The Code applies to all employees, and covers the foundation of the Group’s ethical behaviour, including its Vision and Values, how to apply the Code, testing decisions, consulting on ethics and how to report misconduct. The Code provides guidance on specific issues, including:

  • Customers
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Employment equity
  • Use of company resources
  • Confidential information
  • Declaration of interest
  • Gifts and entertainment
  • Fraud
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Political participation and government interaction
  • Our communities
  • The environment