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Our product innovation, research and new production capacity aims to systematically improve the value and future focus of our portfolio.

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The plastics business manufactures packaging products for the food, beverage, personal care, home care, pharmaceutical, agricultural and retail markets, primarily in South Africa. The division participates in the sustainability initiatives driven by Plastics SA and Packaging SA.

Mpact Plastics

Mpact Plastics is a leading producer of rigid plastic products and capable of developing and manufacturing custom products and components for several industries in the local and international market.

Its university affiliated, state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre, based in Stellenbosch, ensures the latest packaging-related food safety standards and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations are adhered to. Through this valuable resource, we engage and guide our customers through a journey of EPR compliance. Furthermore, the Research team places a continuous focus on food safety standards, ensuring that all packaging is safe for direct food contact.


Our production center in Wadeville, Gauteng, is South Africa’s primary PET converter. We make PET preforms, bottles and wide-mouth jars for the food, beverage and household chemical markets.

Bottles and jars

Our FMCG operations, situated in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal and in Atlantis, Western Cape, manufactures a wide range of bottles, containers and wide-mouth jars together with its matching closures for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, household and cosmetic industries.


Both our compression plant situated in Wadeville, Gauteng and our FMCG operations situated in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape produces a large range of closures to match our preforms, bottles, wide-mouth jars and range of containers.

Customised generic packaging

A range of packaging items that is generic in shape yet customisable in terms of its decorating options. This offers customers the benefit of maintaining a strong brand identity while achieving brand differentiation without having to make costly mould investments or compromise on quality.

Custom designs

Mpact Plastics custom designed packaging option starts with exceptional designs and ends with a packaging solution, in as little as two weeks! We expertly design packaging that optimises innovation, environmental benefit, performance and product-material ratio whilst being fully compliant to sustainable design principles.

Mpact Versapak

With plants in Paarl (Western Cape) and Brits (North West), Mpact Versapak supplies, PET trays and Vinyl cling film to the FMCG, fast food, beverage and agricultural sectors.

All manufacturing processes, including extrusion, printing and thermoforming take place under one roof with in-house design and moulding allowing for a rapid response to evolving customer needs and progressive market trends. The latest technology is applied to improve packaging performance, bringing additional benefits to our customers. Distribution of the products takes place via an extensive countrywide network.

Fresh produce

Our fresh produce range consists of a selection of punnets, trays, tubs and clamshells to ensure that freshness and display benefits are maximised. By offering a wide range of products in various material grades, we cover market needs extensively, making us a ‘one stop shop’ for all your fresh produce packaging needs.


Let our packaging products bring your deli items to life! With everything from lockable sandwich wedges to clamshells, Heat & Go containers and a range of food trays, we ensure that your consumers will enjoy fresh meals and snacks on the go.


Our range of bakery packaging items will help your consumer celebrate any special event or simply enjoy the occasional spoil. Catering for all baked items from confectionary to double layer cakes, our domes are sturdy, contains tabs for easy opening and ensures that all items remain fresher for longer.


Our branded and unbranded meat tray range includes Ultrazorb® meat trays and our FTR® food trays, both produced using polystyrene, a colourless plastic that consist of 94% air and only 6% plastic and therefore has the lowest carbon footprint of all packaging material. Our trays protects the quality and freshness of food, extends shelf life and is an excellent insulator for hot or cold foods.

Fast Food

Our fast-food containers, available in various sizes, are lightweight, cost-effective and have excellent thermal properties. With an easy clip-in feature and available as a printed and unprinted pack, this remains one of the most versatile packaging items within the fast-food industry.

Clingfilm (Vinyl)

Our vinyl cling wrap, available in various widths, lengths and thicknesses, is compliant with both internationally recognized BRC and FSSC standards and can be used in the retail, bakery, home environment and butchery industries. These certifications ensure that packaging meets or exceeds food safety requirements required by customers and consumers alike. Our cling film is freezer-friendly and suitable for short or long-term direct food contact under colder and room temperature conditions.

Mpact Plastic Containers (MPC)

There are three manufacturing plants; Atlantis in Western Cape, Brits, North West Province and Castleview in Gauteng. Both Brits and Atlantis plants host a 5500T Engel Duo machine, which is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. A commercial office in Cyprus, Europe, further enhances our value offering to global customers. The company also has a recycling factory situated in Brits, North West.

MPC offers a sustainable approach to plastic containers, designing and manufacturing an array of multi-trip, reusable containers that constitute the largest range of Returnable Transit Containers in South Africa. Ongoing research and innovation ensure that MPC is at the forefront of market developments and in a position to anticipate future requirements.

MPC is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of Jumbo Bins®, wheeled bins, and a variety of crates, trays and related rigid plastic containers.

Jumbo bins

MPC’s Jumbo Bin is a reliable, sustainable and profitable, plastic alternative to the wooden bin traditionally used in the agricultural industry. It is considered by many to be one of the best quality bulk bins in the world, and is available at the lowest possible cost.

Plastic pallets

MPC Plastic pallets cater for a variety of demanding environments and offer different performance specifications for various applications. The diverse selection includes standardised hygiene pallets as well as our more innovative, nestable designs, offering an alternative to existing wooden products.

Wheeled bins

MPC supplies 2 and 4 wheeled containers for waste collection at domestic, industrial and commercial sites, recycling receptacles and RFID enabled systems for municipalities and waste collectors.


MPC manufactures a variety of crates, trays and related packaging items, designed specifically for the food industry and bottling industries. MPC crates are compatible with European pallet sizes and flow systems. The products in the bottling category include transport crates and have in-mould labelling capability.

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